FDS Prototype custom disk cards


40% discount on multiples of 3. This includes regular disk cards too. I print them 3 up so take advantage! Single card orders will be printed together so lead time may be longer. Discount applied automatically in the cart.

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Manage to snag a copy of a prototype FDS game? Grab a custom card created by me to neatly fit it in a spare case and sleeve you robbed from a Tennis or Exciting Baseball! C’mon, you know you did that! Created in Illustrator and Photoshop. I use the highest resolution source art I can find and I recreate most logos and design elements.  More titles added when completed.  Applies towards an automatic discount for multiples of 3. I print these 3 up.

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Weight .0065 lbs
Proto Games

Aliens 2, SQF-ANS, Air Fortress, HAL-AIF, Balloon Fight, FMC-BFT, Gomokunara be renju, FMC-GOD, The Money Game, SFL-TMG, CCCP-DKD Soviet Donkey Kong, CCCP-SMB Soviet Mario Bros. 2, NTS-SI Space Invaders, KDS-AKM Mario Dracula