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Custom diskwriter only game cards for our blank cases! Get one, two or get them all! 40% discount on multiples of 3.

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These are custom FDS game cards for the diskwriter only games. All are designed by me. I am pretty sure I made them all and all are indeed dw only. If otherwise, please let me know! I prefer cards in Japanese and I may do English variations in the future. Machine scored and cut. Back side is not a scan – all new crisp text and images.

40% discount when you buy 3 or more. This includes regular disk cards too. I print them 3 up so take advantage! Single card orders will be printed together so lead time may be longer. Discount applied automatically in the cart.

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Diskwriter games

Aku Senki Raijin,SQF-RJN, All One,GTS-ALD, Bomberman,HFC-BMD, BurgerTime,DFC-BGT, Clox,GTS-CKD, Clu Clu Land: Welcome to New Clu Clu Land,FMC-CLD, Dig Dug,NDS-DIG, Dig Dug II,NDS-DD2, Donkey Kong,FMC-DKD, Donkey Kong Jr.,FMC-JRD, Eggerland – Departure to Creation,HAL-EGS, Galaga,NDS-GAG, Galaxian,NDS-GXN, Ice Climber,FMC-ICD, Ishido: The Way of Stones,HIR-ISD, Janken Disk Jo,GTS-JKD, Kaettekita Mario Brothers,FMC-KMAR, Lutter,ATH-LTD, "Monitor Puzzle, The: Kineco Vol. II – Kinetic Connection",IFD-KI2, Moonball Magic,SQF-MBM, Pachicom,TFS-PCD, Pac-Man,NDS-PAC, Panic Space,GTS-PSD, Pinball,FMC-PND, Puyo Puyo,GTS-PYO, Puzzle Boys,ATL-PUZ, SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi – Scramble Wars Map Collection,BAN-SG2, Solomon no Kagi,TCF-SKD, Super Lode Runner II,IFD-SL2, Tanigawa Koji no Shogi Shinan II – Shinban,PNF-SH2, The Goonies,KDS-GNS, TwinBee,KDS-TWN, Wrecking Crew,FMC-WRD, Xevious,NDS-XEV