Famicom Disk plastic cases


Finally a solution for all of your loose FDS disks on the shelf. Sold in various state of quality for your specific needs. Sold in packs of 10.

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10 packs of FDS case bundles for sale. A, B and C stock available. “A stock” will be refurbed by me and will be free from any cracks and have minimal to no scratches all; they’re not mint but they look and feel awesome! Cases will at least be an 8 out of 10. “B stock” has typical scratches and small cracks on 1 or more sides. “C stock” are scratched, hazy and multiple cracks and some have stickers on them. Please see the images for samples of typical stock.

Sold in packs of 10. Prices will be $30 for a 10 pack of “A Stock”, $15 for “B Stock” and $10 for “C Stock” plus shipping. These weigh 11 ounces per pack before packaging. Imagine my surprise at the shipping cost from Japan when I bought them!!


Check out how the “A Stock” are refurbished!

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FDS Cases

A Stock, B Stock, C Stock


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